Our Very First Wedding Cupcake Tier

1st May 2013

wedding-cupcakes-jaretsstuffedcupcakes06On October 1, 2008 we opened Jarets Stuffed Cupcakes.  On that very day, Fox 5 News paid us a visit and broadcasted our first day!  In the audience a woman was watching, and liked what she saw.  She came and visited us that day…she told me that her daughter is getting married in 10 days and wanted cupcakes for her wedding cake.  Her Event Planner had set up a tasting of the top cupcake places in NYC for that evening, and couldn’t believe that she was going to NJ for Cupcakes.  When she brought the cupcakes to the tasting, he understood why!  The next day, we received a phone call from the assistant to the Event Planner and said, Do you know David Tutera? I said no, she said, well we loved your cupcakes and would like to work with you on the Wedding at the Rainbow Room, in NYC next week, can you do that? Of Course!!!!  Even though we were only open 10 days we created this beautiful tier, and forged a wonderful relationship with David Tutera!

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