The Stuffed Cupcakes History

Stuffed CupcakesThe cupcakes have their own story which begins in 2005 with a chocolate cake recipe. Customers loved Maureen’s decadent chocolate cake, but were not able to order it for special occasions because unfortunately it could not be decorated. Not one to let an opportunity pass, she took a class in cake decorating. Now she just needed an opportunity to try out her new skills.

At their old location, Sunday was a busy time for The Petite Cafe with a cast of loyal customers developing a tradition of spending their mornings enjoying the café’s delicious brunch offerings.  Maureen decided to make cupcakes with her new decorating skills to show her appreciation to her customers.  Like all their endeavors Maureen and Keith strived to make these cupcakes unique. After coming up with the idea of stuffing the cupcakes, the delicious chocolate cake recipe was used with a peanut butter filling. Reese’s™ is a favorite flavor combination for Keith. The result was instant success! The people at the brunch wanted to know what the next flavor was. Maureen and Keith went back to the kitchen and are now 102 flavors deep.

Out of these flavors Keith can be best represented by the “A Clockwork Orange” cupcake; its unusual combination of an orange cupcake filled with orange and cream mousse topped with vanilla icing mimics his drive to create unique foods that harness the personality of the ingredients. Keith also has a love for all aspects of pop culture, which explains the names for many of their cupcake creations including “A Clockwork Orange.”

Maureen is represented by the “Instant Carma” cupcake. She’s a vanilla cupcake filled with caramel mousse and topped with vanilla icing and pralines. When you bite into this cupcake and you can instantly feel the good vibes. Maureen believes that good deeds are not only rewarding, but that the favors will be returned. It’s not a coincidence, it’s “Carma!”

While the café is situated in Nutley, its Stuffed Cupcakes™ can be enjoyed nationwide through web orders. You can find your cupcake personality at  If one order isn’t enough, and it probably won’t be, the Cupcakes of the Month Club ships a dozen cupcakes every month for three, six, or twelve months.

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