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Jerry Springer Show: 20 Memorable Years

In an interview with Jerry Springer on the PIX Channel 11 Morning News, Stuffed Cupcakes supplied the sweets for this occasion. The always entertaining Jerry Springer Show celebrated their 20th Anniversary; check out the the video below!

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Stuffed Cupcakes featured in Neighborhood Eats

Neighborhood Eats, a special on Channel 7 Eyewitness News, featured Stuffed Cupcakes. Check out the video!

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Best Cupcakes in NJ!

How can a cupcake maker break out of the pack? Our readers say the answer is simple: stuff ’em! At the Petite Café in Nutley, the more than 100 varieties are distinguished not only by their panoply of flavors and icings, but by what’s inside: more icing, often different from the icing on top.

Stuffed Cupcakes on Good Day Cafe!

Good Day Cafe, a special on Fox 5 News, featured Stuffed Cupcakes. Check out the video!

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National Chococalte Cupcake Day

The very popular NJ12 features Stuffed Cupcakes on air for National Chocolate Cupcake Day. Check out the video!

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